Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Calendar

The 2010 calendar idea was conceived as an exercise in creating artwork without the design boundaries and restrictions that come when working for a client, we felt the need, and want, to produce an item that can be free from outside influence, be part of our portfolio and be made in a collective environment.

Peter, Stephen and I began to meet every other Friday at 8 in the morning (hence our name) to discuss on what themes could work best for the project. We decided to focus on national holidays from the US and the other countries, giving us the opportunity to explore and learn more about such events that are being celebrated, there were many to choose but decided on including just one per month and being the topic for the artwork. The illustrations and collages were done in mixed media with markers, color pencils, scanned images, etc.

Here is a rundown on the holidays:
January – Nuclear Fission Discovered
February – Groundhog Day

March – Spring Equinox

April – Earth Day

May – Day of the Bravery

June – Queen’s Jubilee

July – Bastille Day
August – Picnic Day

September – Skyscraper Day

October – Columbus Day

November – Day of the Dead

December – La Posada

Our friend Sky Ellerson gave us the cool cover of a tiger beetle screen printed on solid colors, a minimalistic approach to complement with contrast the variety of styles throughout the calendar, and Lizelly Cisneros pitched in by sewing the pouches.

Let us know your thoughts!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to Eight AM

We came together in the fall of 2009 as a means to expand our design dexterity and encourage creating designs beyond our collegian education. Our main goal is to produce enticing artwork rather being simplistic in nature or filled with unidentifiable complexities thus representing our own fashion.

Since having worked side by side in the previous years we knew our work ethic, understood each other’s wit and respected the creative essence everyone brought to the projects.

What you will see in the following posts are our passions, works, inspirations and everything else that our muse says so.  We proudly present here the expressions that adorn our lives.

Yours truly,
Eight AM